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About Us

Paragon Electronic Systems, Inc

is one of New England’s top Manufacturer’s Rep firms with 20+ years of experience in the high-tech electronic component and system level business. We offer our Principals and customers the highest level of service with experienced and dedicated sales and engineering professionals based throughout the New England market.

Our corporate office is located at 255 Coolidge Ave. Manchester NH 03102 (Insides Sales team and executive staff office location)

Office contact info:
Paragon Electronic Systems, Inc
255 Coolidge Ave. Manchester, NH 03102
Website: www.paragonelect.com
Phone: (603) 645-7630 Fax: (603) 645-7640
Email: sales@paragonelect.com, dauger@paragonelect.com (Inside Sales Manager)
Owners: jrouthier@paragonelect.com (Jeff Routhier), cpearson@paragonelect.com (Chris Pearson)